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Welcome to Careers International

Careers International Group is the umbrella company for a range of global recruitment businesses that specialises in helping overseas nurses work and live in Australia.

Since 2004, the principals of Careers International Group have recruited, registered and settled over 180 Registered Nurses in the fields of nursing, pharmacy, and physiotherapy. All who have applied have been granted permanent residence for themselves and their families.

We have outlined five key areas that will tell you everything you need to know about Careers International Group and its specialised services, including:

  • About Us
  • Happy Nurse = Happy Employer
  • Business Model = Key to Success
  • Career Opportunities
  • Locations Available for Nursing Staff

About Us

Careers International Group was originally formed to provide a solution to employers to help overcome the shortage of nursing staff in Australia.

Australian employers have for some time utilised overseas registered nurses for their staffing needs, however research has found that most employers were not happy with many of the overseas registered nurses they recruited for a number of reasons.

Employers also complain about poor retention of overseas nurses, many staying for less than 18 months, before moving to another healthcare provider.

Extensive research in the UK by the Royal College of Nursing showed ( that negative experiences in the recruitment, relocation, and orientation phases resulted in unhappy, insecure nurses, which led to poor performance in the workplace.

Many overseas nurses had the feeling of being manipulated and cheated!


"Happy Nurse - Happy Employer"

The key to good performance, retention, and happy secure and confident nurses is based on several factors the research found;

  • Direct involvement of the nurse and employer in setting the terms of employment
  • Maximum transparency in financial dealings
  • A high standard of accommodation and living arrangements
  • An adaptation course (sometimes called pre registration or competency assessment) focused on building communication skills, confidence, assertiveness and understanding of cultural and philosophical differences in the nursing profession.
  • Provision of a supportive environment by the agent and employer.
  • A high standard of relocation services and ongoing support by the agent

Business Model- Key to Success

The founders of Careers International developed a business model that addressed these issues for both employers and overseas registered nurses.

The business model is based on the following factors:

  • Providing overseas nurse candidates with a formal legal contractual agreement detailing all costs and services provided by Careers International
  • Involving employers and nurse candidates in direct communication concerning the terms of employment, remuneration and job specifications and location.
  • Employer and nurse signing a contract of employment prior to the nurse leaving their country of origin.
  • Providing a total package of services from the recruitment phase to expiration of the employment contract
  • Enrolling the overseas nurse in an adaptation course that provides a supportive environment, and teaches communication and cultural skills in addition to mandatory nursing competencies.
  • Providing immigration and relocation services for the nurse and the family, to reduce the stress and minimise time spent without an income.
  • The primary source of income for Careers International is a fee paid by the employer, thus providing a strong incentive for excellence in delivery of services, recruitment of highly skilled nurses, and 3-4 year retention of nurse employees.

Career Opportunities

Careers International Group is focused on:

  • Building Careers
  • Changing lives

What this means is we don’t just find you a job, we find you a career.
A career means you are placed with an employer, who provides good pay and benefits, is supportive and provides opportunities for professional development and education, and promotion opportunities.

hanging your life means as a result of the support we and the employer provide you. Your family are happy in all aspects of their lives, and have the income and benefits to provide more than adequate financial support for the present and into retirement.

The Careers International Group works only with those employers who support their staff, and are striving to achieve excellence in care to their residents and patients.

We have a “preferred supplier” relationship with all our employers, which provides you with the security that we will always be able to find you a career that matches your skills and experience.

Should any issues or problems arise between your employer and yourself, we will always work with both parties to resolve the issues and provide a Win: Win solution.


Career Locations

The Careers International Group is currently providing opportunities for overseas registered nurses in two countries;

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

We have “preferred supplier” relationships with healthcare providers in both countries. In New Zealand and Australia, we have as a client Bupa Care Services, one of the largest Aged Care providers in the UK, and the largest private group in Australia and New Zealand.



Australia is preferred by many overseas registered nurses for its education opportunities, perfect weather, range of nursing careers, high salaries and benefits, multicultural environment, and variety of lifestyles.

Visit the Nursing Careers Australia Website


New Zealand

New Zealand is preferred by many nurses who have not been able to achieve 7.0 in each band of the IELTS test in one sitting.

The Nursing Council of New Zealand allows applicants to achieve the score of 7.0 or above in different tests provided they are all taken within a 12 month period.

The cost of achieving registration in New Zealand is also considerable cheaper than Australia ( about half the cost), due to the lower cost of the adaptation course and associated living expenses.

The salaries however in NZ are up to 30% lower than those in Australia.

Visit the Nursing Careers New Zealand Website